Friday, February 6, 2009

Time for a second job!

Well its been a few days since ive posted. Been super busy lol. Ive finally decided that its time for a second job. Ive been in a little bit of debt since July when i was out of work for 2 months and im really trying to get myself out of a rut. So heres my plan:
I should get about 1200 back in taxes.
I have about 600 left to pay on my laptop so im going to completely pay that off. One less bill for me.
Then im going to take the rest and get my car fixed which is in major need of fixing by the way. (tell you about that in a minute)
Then if i get this new job working overnights at Mcdonalds then i should make enough money to be able to get caught up on my insurance payments and also pay off my mom for loaning me 400 to get my car fixed the last time :)
AND THEN....I should deff. be able to get an apartment by the end of the summer...YAY!!!!
So i think my plan will work.
What made me decide to get a second job besides being in minor debt?
Well i was on my way home tonight at 1:45 am lol and i stopped at Mcdonalds for a soda. Well, my cousin Chris works their and hes the overnight manager and told me he could help me get a job their. So i got to normally up till like 5 in the morning because i cant seem to get to sleep so i figure...why waste that time just laying in bed or being on this laptop when i could be working making extra money. I'll sleep from 7am to 2 pm instead of 5am to 2pm lol and then go to work at walmart lol. Sounds like a great idea to me.

So about my car...i swear sometimes its possessed. Ever since the night my friend had a physic at her house reading our car has been doing some pretty crazy stuff. When i turn my headlights windshield wipers come on and then i cant beep my horn. But when my headlights are off my windshield wipers are off and i can beep my horn lol. Well i temporarily fixed the windshield problem by removing this little piece that i have no clue what its called lol. but whenever i need my windshield wipers i just have to insert the little piece back into the socket. Yeah..i need my car rewired i think. So im going to get that done soon. No clue how much its going to cost but im assuming its going to be alot :/ which sucks!!!!

Well anyways, i met this guy Dave. Who is simply just amazing. And for once in a long starting to fall for him. Weve been talking and hanging out for a couple weeks and yesterday he asked me out lol. For once ive found a guy who doesnt seem weird to me. He makes me so happy. Hes someone i can cuddle with and not be pressured into sex thankgod. He makes me laugh non-stop which is a big plus for me because i love a guy who can make me laugh. And he has no problem doing that. Hes very sweet. And im hoping and praying that everything works out!

On a side note...i now have a stalker at Walmart!! I had to have 3 big guys walk me to my car the other night when i got off work. I was so scared. He waited for me to get off work. Started asking me to give him a ride so i had to make an excuse that i didnt have gas and i was in a rush. The 3 guys waited out their until i safely left in my car thankgod. Well, i go into work today to get my check and cash it and there he is again! Im standing in line at customer service...i look over and there he is smiling and waving. So again i had someone walk me to my car. So glad that i have people to watch my back.
Thank you Dusty for always having my back! Your the greatest!


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  2. That is so crazy!!

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