Thursday, May 28, 2009

The beauty of Children

Children are beautiful. They do the silliest things. I always wonder what they dream about or What goes through their mind. I absolutely love children! and watching them grow up. Its an amazing thing. Watching them learn how to walk and talk and climb. Watching them have little crushes on the opposite sex. It feels like my newphew was a newborn just yesterday and now hes 2 years old..... My newphew is so crazy sometimes. I was watching tv today and sharing doritos with him and he kept smelling my feet HAHA. It was hilarious cause he kept doing it. I think he has a foot fetish lol. Sometimes he will come up and just start rubbing my feet. Girls are gonna love him some day lol. Then when my boyfriend came home, i had him sit on my back cause it was hurting but he plopped down too hard so i screamed and my newphew came over and screamed at him and tried to push him off me. When he stood up my newphew gave me a big hug and wouldnt let go. He was protecting me. It was soooo adorable!!! It makes me excited to have one of my own one a couple of years of course.
I never knew i could love somebody so much until the day my newphew was born. Hes the most precious little boy. I love him to death. Hes going to grow up to be a successful smart gentleman. Sometimes i wish he were mine. :)

Since i love kids so much....I'm trying to become a Nanny. I have an interview tomorrow for a single mother with two 9 yr olds. Hopefully i get this job. :) Pray for me!